Our certified master colorists are recognized nationally as true experts in their field. Being one of the largest such teams in the country, Shamas Color Team is constantly training and seeking knowledge on the “latest and greatest”, making available to you the finest products for lasting shine, condition and value. Shamas can only guarantee our color services with the use of recommended products.


Balayage | $90 and up

The most popular haircolor request in salons today - This French technique of free hand color leaves you with depth, dimension and a sun-kissed finish. Naturally a low maintenance service as no solid line or re-growth appears.


Partial Highlight | $53 and up

Need a “pick me up?” Try this non-commitment service to add a little light to your style. A few soft pieces of color help enhance the texture and layering of our current hairstyles.

Ombre | $90 and up

Another popular French technique in Today’s salons, the Ombre is a specific shading and graduation of color from mid length to ends. A more dramatic choice to Balayage with distinct variations from natural roots to ends.


Full Highlight | $86 and up

Through a cross-weaving techniques, our color specialists blend multiple strands of color through your own shade of hair.

Two Step Color | $65 and up

Dual tones added to the hair for greater dimension.


One Step Color | $53 and up

Color retouch for clients with existing color. Includes brow tint for a natural finish.